Playzone Fit Sensory Steps


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Playzone-fit’s Sensory Steps will stimulate your child’s sense of touch as they jump from one texture to another and feel the different patterns. By engaging with different textures, kids will be stimulating sensors within muscles and joints, sparking activity between their brain and skin.

Each texture is inspired by a different ecosystem to help them connect with nature. The five different nature ecosystems the Sensory Steps includes is Forest: tree bark with ants; Fields: honeycomb; River: alligator; Desert: rocks and fossils; and Ocean: coral.

The Sensory Steps are designed for open-ended play to encourage children to be as creative as possible. The more they are encouraged to use them in different ways, the more excited they will become to play!

Sensory Steps are 9.5” x 8.5” x .5”

Includes 5 steps with 5 different textures: tree bark with ants, honeycomb, alligator, rocks and fossils, coral. The set of steps include a nylon drawstring bag for storage.  Colors included in the set: red, orange, green, blue, yellow.

Ages 18 months - 5 years