Magic Swirl Kaleidoscope


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Create amazing visual effects and see art in motion with Creativity for Kids Magic Swirl Kaleidoscopes! Simply mix swirl gel and confetti together to create your own sparkly kaleidoscope for kids. This complete craft kit comes with a kaleidoscope tube, 2 twirl tubes & caps, swirl gel, glow in the dark stickers, confetti assortment, 2 gaskets, nozzle tip and instructions. The step-by-step illustrated instructions will make creating your own kaleidoscope easy and fun for beginners and children. Have fun and be creative while also learning about light refractions and optics. While constructing their own kaleidoscope, your child will how the reflections from the mirrors will make a series of ever-changing symmetrical patterns! Looking into a kaleidoscope is calming and mesmerizing! Explore ever changing symmetrical patterns like magic before your eyes. A DIY kaleidoscope provides hands-on, creative learning while also being a visual break from screen-time.

Ages 6 - 96