LiteHawk Apex RC Motorcycle

  • LiteHawk Apex RC Motorcycle
  • LiteHawk Apex RC Motorcycle

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Moto GP racing in the palm of your hand! Really! Fully functioning R/C motorcycle racing is here! The stunning body and driver are made from durable plastic that is carefully painted and finished in high gloss. All of the mechanics and electronics are cleverly placed inside this rigid structure to ensure protection - so you can drive like a real Moto GP driver with confidence!

Keeping your balance is always an issue with motorcycles. We make it easier with a durable mechanical gyro that spins inside the bike - helping to keep you level. We also add side guards that act just like a kick stand. So when you are stationary the bike leans, just like a real motorcycle when it's parked - hit the throttle, APEX speeds up and levels out! 2.4 Ghz control is fully proportional giving you maximum performance!

Stunning good looks, speed, performance....words that describe our APEX perfectly! 

  • Realistic¬†front fork and rear swing arm suspension geometry.
  • Mechanical gyro stabilization gives APEX super control, even at low speeds.
  • Soft rubber tires ensure maximum grip through tight corners
  • Integrated side guards are used just like a kick stand
  • 2.4 Ghz fully digital control
  • Working LED headlight and tail light for added realism
  • USB charger and on board battery included
  • 100% factory assembled and ready for you

Ages 10 - 110