Jr. Scientist Tumbling Robot

  • Jr. Scientist Tumbling Robot
  • Jr. Scientist Tumbling Robot

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This easy to assemble robot buddy refuses to quit, no matter how many times he falls down!  With the help of his crank motor and a few sensors which alert him as to when he’s fallen, the tumbling robot gets right back up following a fall, allowing him to perform a hilarious stumbling walk, as well as endless somersaults.  He can even perform an entertainingly wobbly dance while keeping his balance. 

Exposed gears allow kids to discover for themselves how the tumbling robot manages to perform these feats, and the included instructional booklet contains detailed information explaining the function of both the motor and the sensors, and how they work together.  A fun and easy way to learn about simple mechanics through the observation of the cranks, gears and motor which power this exciting and endearing robot.  Kids can even customize their tumbling robot with the fun sticker decals included in the kit!  Requires 2 AA batteries sold separately.

Ages 8 - 98