Create Your Own Story Book


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Whether they prefer fairy tales, action adventures, an autobiography or poetry, the two hardboard books and art supplies allows your adorable author to tell their story as both the author and illustrator. A great activity for all ages, this Create Your Own Books craft for boys and girls allows them to express their creativity. Older children can put their writing and artistic skills on display with more sophisticated, well-written prose and beautiful illustrations. Use the illustrated guide for story ideas or tips on story development. Meanwhile, this educational craft set will help younger children foster a love for reading, writing and drawing through the creative exploration provided by this kit. Remember, correct letter formation, neatness and spelling are skills that develop over time through practice. Encourage their writing attempts, discuss their stories and praise their drawings.

Children learn to write with greater ease and confidence when encouraged to write and scribble at an early age. The smaller hardback book features a die-cut frame perfect for displaying a picture. Provide your little one with a picture of themselves to create an 'All About Me' book, their first autobiography. Or consider adding a picture a beloved relative or family pet and tell their story! The two hardback books allow for you to treasure their finished story for years to come. Create cherished memories together or use one of the books to take a school project over the top and the other to tell a personal story. The possibilities are endless.

Ages 4 - 94