Greta and the Giants


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Climate change is a very real, very scary situation taking place around the world. Human behavior has rapidly increased the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, causing the global temperature to rise by a full degree Celsius. Greta lives in the heart of a beautiful forest and observes this destruction firsthand. She and her animal friends are suffering at the hands of the giants who are cutting down the forest to build their homes and cities. Finally, Greta has had enough. She begins a movement that ripples through her community, affecting great change along the way. Though the climate change crisis is significant in the world at present, this book offers a hopeful resolution as inspired by the actions of a young girl named Greta Thunberg. A robust cover and beautifully detailed illustrations capture the attention of readers of all ages. Each page is saturated with color and emotion, the images reminiscent of a fairy tale. The faces of the giants are generic until the final moments of the book as they become less scary and more "human." At the end of the book, a description of Thunberg's brave actions and a list of ways even young children can make a difference are shared to provide context for the story and its message. 

32 pages

Ages 4 - 8 years