Rainbow Pirates



Rainbow Pirates is a whimsical, FAMILY FRIENDLY card game where you build rummy-like card sequences in a world of RAINBOWS, thieving PIRATES and all things AMAZING! It's kind of like playing Rummy on an enchanted island while being attacked by pirates drinking piña coladas!

The object of the game is to earn as many Treasure Points as possible by placing card groups on your island - all while attacking your opponents with Pirate cards and blocking their attacks.

Rainbow Pirates was designed with the WHOLE FAMILY in mind. KIDS will love the hilarious artwork and the playful pirate theme. PARENTS will love how the game reinforces skills like sequencing, sorting, and decision-making. And there's plenty of strategy to keep the TEENS and ADULTS engaged. It's one of those rare games the kids will beg you to play - and you'll WANT to say yes!

ARRRGGH you ready for some GAME-NIGHT fun!?

For 2 - 5 players.

Ages 7 - 97