Barbie Fashionistas


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Build a crew of Besties with Barbie Fashionista dolls. Each Fashionista doll has a different body type, hair color and style, skin tone, eye color and fashion that reflect the world we see today, offering girls infinite ways to play out stories and express their own unique, special style. 

Fashionista 104 - pink blouse, check skirt, blond hair, fashion sun glasses.

Fashionista 106 -white flower print dress, pink earrings, powder blue high heels.

Fashionista 108 -pretty freckles all over, tall, fanny pack, boots. 

Fashionista 110 - glittery tank "Los Angeles 59" dress, green streaks in long brunette hair, gold hoop earrings.

Fashionista 111 - curvy with white hair, “Love” tank top, pink skirt with ruffles and polka dots.

Fashionista 112 - tye dye "Love" tee with ruffle bottom, denim shorts, white ankle pumps.

Fashionista 119 - long blonde hair, wearing flower shirt dress, cowboy boots.

Fashionista 121 - long brunette hair,  prosthetic leg, wearing sweater dress with fringe.

Fashionista 122 - long red hair, wearing rainbow graphic T-shirt, denim skirt.

Fashionista 125 - purple hair, wearing a black floral dress, silver sun glasses.

Fashionista 126 - long blond hair, wearing, tropical print dress and white sneakers.

Fashionista 128 - short curly brunette hair wearing “Good Vibes Only” camo tank & shorts.

Ages 3 - 93