Backgammon Set


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This 15" attaché backgammon set  is a popular board game that many people of all ages can enjoy. Using a combination of luck and skill, players go up against each other, attempting to be the first one to get all of their pieces off the board. This large backgammon set comes in an attaché case, which opens to reveal a cloth playing surface. Made of vinyl, the case is protective and durable, while an attached handle lets you take your game with you wherever you go, such as to the park or on trips. Included with this backgammon set are 30 game pieces, dice and a doubling cube. There are also two cups for rolling the dice. When the case is open, pieces that have been moved off the game board can be neatly placed in rows in the small end compartments. Two latches keep the case securely shut between games.

Ages 8 - 98