All About Me Quiz Bracelets


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An AMAZING and TOTALLY FUN new way to make bracelets with a patent-pending method developed by a mom and woman-owned business! Kids follow along in an incredible 14-page quiz book, answering questions to 7 fun quizzes to make 7 different bracelets. Each quiz has its own theme like style, favorites, and friendship and the answers guide their selection of design elements for the bracelets. The kit is packed with lots of colored cording, charms and beads for a wide variety of possibilities. Once finished, they will have created a stack of unique bracelets that are 100% customized to their personality! Kids love personalized accessories and taking fun quizzes; this bracelet kit merges the best of both while encouraging self-discovery and expression.

The Craft-tastic All About Me Quiz Bracelets kit includes everything you need. No special tools or additional supplies to buy!

Ages 8 - 98